Why is customer flow important?

VYou is motivated by a common pattern our developers have seen in many of our projects in the past. There is a general concern on what are the set functionalities to implement on websites, applications or projects with a wide variety of purposes.

Why is customer flow so relevant?

Congested lines for services are unfortunately too common today, as are customer frustrations. This can be a serious challenge especially when customer interactions are a significant part of a business’ operations. Not only does this negatively impact the customer experience, but it also has a detrimental effect on the business in a variety of ways.

Customer flow management technology offers an effective way to improve customer flow, benefiting customers, employees, and businesses alike.

Assessing this flow allows you to map a customer’s journey from pre-service to post-service, so any event in between these times can affect the entire customer experience as well as your processes and, ultimately, your business. A way to make the customer flow process simpler is by using a management system like VYou that streamlines this process to improve the management experience across the customer whole journey.

VYou customer flow

We mainly discovered that the following features are equal in every project:

  1. User management (account creation, login system, recover password flow, profile management, user listing, role and group system, etc..)
  1. User profiling and segmentation
  1. Communications (push notification, email, segmented communication)
  1. Payments (credit card payment, subscriptions, in-app-billing)
  1. Privacy management (GDPR, explicit acceptance of terms, security measures to ensure lack of breaches)

As we ended up implementing again and again the set of features above, we realized that implied several factors that impacted on the projects:

  • Longer time to market
  • Higher budget
  • Custom integrations

How does a business benefit from customer flow management?

The main motivation to implement VYou is that businesses could take care of the common features and serve them in a box, so that what takes weeks to implement every time could take only minutes to integrate.

VYou provides all the necessary pieces that allow our tenants not to worry about user management. We have created a service that exposes an API that implements all the user related operations and this works in combination with the tenant backend and business logic.

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