VYou is a user management and access management solution.

Turn weeks of development into a single day of integration.

We have developed easy-to-integrate features from our years of experience to help developers launch scalable applications faster, while balancing user experience and data protection.

Access Management System

Builds secure digital access.

Incorporate secure access, verification and a scalable digital user and access management system with out-of-the-box features such as login and registration, password recovery, payments and back office into your web and mobile applications.

Fast integration

Reduce development efforts and costs to one day

Developing an in-house user management service and access management system can be costly and time-consuming. With VYou, you can enjoy complete customization of your customer profiles with dynamic fields from day one.

Privacy Guarantee

Comply with Privacy Regulations and scale

Create, store and manage users and privacy data at scale without worrying about GDPR issues. VYou takes care of all the critical privacy factors.

Customer Oriented

Increase agility with customer self-care portal

Improve your customers’ experience with a customer service portal that stores their preferences into profiles, which can be used to create consistent experiences across channels.

Cross-cutting applications

Unify user access across all your products and platforms.

Fill information in VYou. Use it everywhere. VYou provides an account transversal to any application.



*Free trial for 30 days.

Unlimited Users

Compliance Management

Password Privacy Management

Access Request Management

Account Management

Social login

API Access Management



SDK for iOS & Android

SendGrid Integration



*Free trial for 30 days.

All Standard Features

Multi Factor Auth

Single Sign On

Payment Integration


Messages and notifications

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