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Apiumhub’s Vision

Automating & Scalating

VYou is a product of Apiumhub – software development company that is expert in automating repetitive processes and achieving scalability, faster time to market and cost reduction.

Digital Products

Developing Digital Products

Apiumhub team saw that registration and checkout are the most recurrent processes in digital products. Nevertheless, they are the main bounce points in the user journey. Simplifying these steps increases conversion rate and user satisfaction. User management and privacy management are often a must in a MVP product, yet it takes months of development from scratch. VYou is the result of meeting both needs, VYou helps companies to make customer identity and access management cheaper and faster while making customers happier.

VYou Values

Pay attention

We pay attention to every detail, every minor feature. We polish everything. We are not flawless, but very diligent. We don’t do things randomly and take care to provide products that give you peace of mind.

Question yourself

We are not always right, we know it and this is why we listen carefully for others’ opinions and we’re driven by facts and data, not ego.

We are one

We strive for a safe environment that allows us to communicate in a constructive manner, and thus, come up with better solutions.We are feedback driven, coming from our team, customers and users. Our priority is to be aligned as a team, always.

Always move

We always look for the way to accomplish our objectives and then we look for the next thing. Our client’s needs drive our product, we believe in continuous improvement.


We aim to make the life of the ones around us easier. We want to provide solutions, not headaches.

T-Skills mindset

We deep dive in what we do but also collaborate across disciplines with experts. We expand our mind.

Our Team

VYou team is composed of customer identity and access management experts, bringing years of cumulative insights and experiences to VYou solutions.
Evgeny Predein


Christian Ciceri

Software Architect

Ramón Felip

Product Owner

Francisco Raya


Jordi Domenech

Frontend Developer

Ekaterina Novoseltseva


Lorena Villa


Ivan Suárez

Digital Marketing Manager

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