VYou offers self-care portal

Providing your customers with a customer self service portal is hugely beneficial. It empowers your customers by giving them the tools to help themselves. Customer satisfaction is an essential factor for the success of any business. And as we know, keeping customers satisfied is not an easy task today, as most become increasingly demanding and have to have a response immediately. This drives companies to look for resources capable of providing users with more immediate answers, such as the self-service portal.

What is a self-care portal?

The self-service or self-care portal is a concept that exists for several years and is related to ideas such as self care. This philosophy is born from the need for customers to play a consumer role that is much more active and independent.

A customer self service portal allows your customers to find answers to their own questions, submit support tickets, edit their information, download resources, etc. Customers are resourceful. Most try to find information or solve problems on their own before reaching out for help. Self-care portal is an efficient way to boost relationships and outreach. 69% of decision makers at service organizations say self-service is a major part of their service strategy.

Also, According to Forrester Research, this type of indirect information discovery (also known as “self-service”) is on the rise. Their research claims self-service usage is at 80% of customers across all industries. 71% of customers say that customer self-service impacts their loyalty. Also, 90% of consumers expect an organization to offer self-service portal. And 73% of consumers want the ability to solve product or service issues on their own.

Over 50% of customers say that they have stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service; not providing a customer self service option plays into these numbers. Self-care portal can be a great starting point for digital transformation by identifying existing business processes that are inefficient and replacing them with an automated digital solution.

There are many benefits of a customer self service portal – for both the business and its customers. Benefits of self service can include more accessibility, reduction in wait times for support, freeing up your team’s time, decreasing costs, and even increasing customer acquisition.

Overall, this is an opportunity to give customers choice and provide an enhanced customer experience by allowing them the freedom to conduct business at their leisure in a way that may better suit the way they would prefer to interact with you.

Self-care portal benefits

  • Self-care portal gives customers the information they need quickly. It provides detailed answers to commonly-asked questions as well as information about products with step-by-step guides and how-to videos.
  • It allows you to personalize the customer experience.
  • Allows agents to focus on bigger issues. Customer self-service portals take care of common and routine questions and concerns. With customers able to resolve so much on their own, service agents can devote their time to customers who require more assistance.This is where companies notice a change immediately after their customer support portal goes live. The more customers can answer their own questions online whenever they want to, the less likely they are to submit a ticket. This results in a direct reduction in ticket volume and the number of support tickets you receive every day.
  • Allows for 24-hour customer service. A self-service portal allows for customers to search out solutions to their problems, process requests, and access information even when the business is closed.
  • All of the collective benefits of a customer self service portal cumulate to deliver a better overall customer experience (CX).

Your customers don’t want to have to wait to get answers to their questions, and they especially don’t want to get passed around to multiple customer service reps because it means having to invest more time. Providing a self-service option eliminates all of these issues and delivers on your customers’ expectations.

So just provide your customers with the ability to avoid talking directly with your reps, and you’ll be golden.

VYou provides self-care portal

VYou has a self-care portal, which allows users to enter their account and change any information about them that they need, from address to documents update.

VYou increases agility with customer self-care portal, improves customer experience making it easier and more efficient. With VYou customers and users define their preferences and they get stored in a unified customer profile which can then be used to create consistent experiences on every channel they’re on.

VYou constantly listen to customers and offer them exactly what they want. This helps to reduce churn rate and make customers happy. VYou always adds new functionalities taking into account clients requests and self-care portal was one of the first ones on the list.

If you are interested in trying user management and access management solution with a self-care portal, request a demo here!

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