VYou cuts the MVP costs and speeds up time-to-market

One of the most common questions is how much money and time companies save with VYou. So, today’s post will be about that, showing you how fast you can go-to-market and how cheaper it can be for you to launch your MVP with VYou.

How long does it take to implement login/sign up?

Let’s start with the most common feature that most of the platforms need: login/sign up system. Normally it always forms part of the MVP.

If you use tools like VYou, Cognito or Auth0 then you could cut the costs and time significantly.

However if you’re coding it all yourself it will realistically take a few weeks.

For example, Auth0 users share on community platforms that it takes them on average 2 days with no prior experience of it. To integrate the tool and have this functionality up and running. Although they say it is not easy.

To develop a login/sign up system from scratch on average, based on Apiumhub experience, it takes around 2 weeks time. And on average, the developer’s hourly rate in Barcelona is around 70 euros/hour. With VYou you get it in one day and the cost of the standard package is just 199€/Month, now VYou team offers a one year licence for free, so for startups this tool is very attractive.

How long does it take to implement Chat?

It will typically take around 8 weeks and 25.000 euros to develop it ( basic chat features ).

If you need video calling, then you would need to add additional development time, which would be around 5 weeks. Normally, companies also need to have multimedia sharing in the chat and that leads to another week of development. Contact Sharing, which is also required in most of the cases, adds another 2 weeks of development.

The settings part, which consists of Privacy settings, account settings and profile settings normally takes up to 3 weeks of development.

So, if we calculate all those features that are normally required in a chat, we could easily reach this number: 50.000 euros. However, this is a very rough estimate.

Integration with one chat – the duration depends on chat complexity, but on average it takes one week. In the case of VYou, the idea is to reduce it to one day of integration ( currently under development ).

How long does it take to implement Push Notifications?

The development of this feature doesn’t require a lot of time, normally it takes around a week and 2800 euros, however it depends on how much segmentation you would like to have.

VYou is a good solution because it offers critical features in a box, ready from day one and it has push notifications with a possibility to send highly targeted push notifications.

How long does it take to implement a wallet?

Building a wallet can be simple and challenging based on the features it has and the utilities it provides. A wallet with key features that serve as an MVP can be anywhere between 20.000 euros and 25.000 euros and can take between around 2 months.

As you can see, with VYou you save time and money! It offers all MVP features that you need in one day! Easy and fast integration with the possibility to do customization.

The idea of VYou is to keep adding new functionalities that are currently demanded in MVPs every year to ease developers’ lives so that companies can focus on their core business.

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