Sendgrid Integration with VYou

VYou is a user management and access management solution, which evolves over time, launching new functionalities and partnering up with the best companies in the world to give a better service.

Today we would like to talk about VYou collaboration with SendGrid.

VYou & SendGrid

Many VYou and Apiumhub clients were asking us to develop a solution to send highly segmented emails and notifications. We were thinking a lot about how we could meet our clients’ needs and decided to partner up with the best option in the market – Sendgrid to give advanced options for VYou users. Why should we reinvent the wheel when this solution already exists and we know that it is just great! So, what we did was: we integrated Sendgrid with VYou and from now on VYou users can send automated emails to customer segments based on behavioral triggers.

Well, let us tell you more about SendGrid – it is a Denver, Colorado-based customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email. SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems. SendGrid provides reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics.

Why SendGrid?

  • Proven deliverability: domain authentication, compliance, deliverability, and proactive ISP outreach to ensure you achieve optimal inbox delivery.
  • Scale with confidence: able to deliver more than 100 billion emails per month.
  • Email expertise: with SendGrid, you have an expert in your corner. SendGrid Customer Success and Support Teams give you the information and guidance you need, when you need it.
  • Time-saving features: fast troubleshooting, secure account management, and intuitive UI for data analysis.
  • Privacy: Sendgrid & VYou take privacy and security seriously.

As a SendGrid customer, your sending is enhanced with artificial intelligence that continually adapts to changing ISP rules. Businesses large and small can increase their delivery rates with ACE, Adaptive Communication Engine.

Small improvements in deliverability can make a significant impact on the success of your email program. Improving your inbox rate by just 5% means more customers are seeing your emails and can take action on them, leading to increased opens, clicks, and conversions.

You can try it by requesting a demo here.
Intuitive, effective and easy to integrate, give it a try!

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