VYou app: by developers for developers

We stand behind the amazing things our clients are building and are proud to play an important role in their successes. VYou is a tool developed by developers for developers. 

This ethos has kept us close to our customers’ problems, attracted companies who also believe in empowering their developers, and deeply entrenched us in the global developer community as a whole. 

By developers for developers 

The concept of “by developers for developers” starts with a relentless commitment to listening and learning. At first, we started with the mindset of “I’m building this for myself,” ( myself – developer ) which is an incredibly powerful perspective. Apiumhub developers have worked on many projects and have seen the pattern, have seen what has been missing and what could developers need to go to market faster, reduce costs and make their lives better. 

Being a developer also means having freedom to solve problems with the right solutions and tools. We find it critical to bring our developers’ point of view into how we guide our VYou roadmap. 

Before Launching VYou, we gave it to Apiumhub developers as well as their clients to try it to gather feedback. We have conducted quality research, asking about their experience, what is intuitive, what is not, what they miss in the VYou app, what would they like to add, what do they miss in their developer’s life, how VYou could ease their software development projects, what could we improve, etc. It was the first and very important step to make sure we are moving in the right direction, to be aligned and to give developers what they really need. So, VYou is not an assumption that it is for developers, it is proven that developers find real value in this tool and that they see it’s impact in most of the projects they work on. 

VYou seeks to build authentic experiences, solve real problems, and connect with the broader community of developers. The roadmap evolves based on the feedback of developers and on the common requirements that we receive in software development projects we work on.  

The goal of VYou is to make it as easy as possible for developers to integrate with VYou so they can take full advantage of VYou capabilities. Not only that, we rely on the developer community to help us continuously improve our product. 

To support developers in their integration with VYou, we’ve created a Documentation section together with Liam demo, which guides on how to implement it step by step. 

Liam demo for developers

VYou is a user and access management system by developers for developers. Therefore we decided to make integration interesting for them. You can try it here and see how fast, easy and intuitive it is. It is not just another boring step by step integration guideline, it is an experience made by developers for developers. We really hope you will like it! And as we said, we value feedback a lot and if you would like to tell us your thoughts about the demo or the product itself, feel free to do it here

Apart from Liam demo, we also have a Documentation section, which has easy-to-follow tutorials with code samples. Please note, that the documentation section is an always WIP section, which we regularly update, adding new case studies and functionalities. 

The model of dev-centricity helps us to stay focused and constantly evolve VYou product based on developers’ needs.

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