New feature of VYou: Stripe payment integration

Stripe is extremely popular now. Stripe is a payment processor or gateway that allows your customers to safely and efficiently transfer funds from their credit cards or bank accounts in a variety of currencies. It also helps them to make both one-time and subscription-based payments and also offers many other additional services, including billing, invoicing, and sales tax automation. 

Stripe offers: 

  • A fully integrated suite of payments products
    What that means is Stripe offers credit card processing service as well as payment gateway service. By providing support for countertop credit card terminals and point-of-sale systems, Strive provides a fully integrated suite that works for both retail and e-commerce businesses.
  • A powerful and easy-to-use API
    Stripe makes the development process more manageable, as it has extensive documentation. Written in clear and lucid language, the developers can easily understand the product and its API. Moreover, there are many ready-made solutions available (built-in libraries) as well as options for customisation of Stripe payment gateway.
  • A technology-first approach to payments and finance
    Being a technology-first company, Stripe focuses on releasing new features and improvements every year, helping you stay abreast of the industry shifts.
  • A complete set of security features and customisation options
    Stripe is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. What that means is your financial information (credit card details, bank account number, passwords) are duly encrypted and securely transmitted. In addition to that, Stripe is also PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

Stripe benefits


Any developers and programmers find the flexibility that stripe provides as rich and robust. 


Stripe listens to the developer community. Also, it is great for sales and marketing people because it allows them to create discounts and coupon codes as well as doesn’t charge refund fees. And last but not least in this point, Stripe offers an informative interface of graphs and charts, making data comprehensible and clear. 

Reasonable Pricing

Stripe’s potential users are impatient to deal with a long process of negotiations and payment processors that takes forever to be approved. The pricing policy of stripe is very attractive to the companies as there are no monthly fees or cancellation fees. The processing fees 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

Ease of Use

It is the best solution for any startup or organization to accept payments as it is eligible to get payments from credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android pay.

PCI Compliance

The hosted checkouts by Stripe are very useful as all the data has to be processed by the systems. Handling sensitive data is not a problem as it is PCI compliant.

Customer Service

There is a good support system from Stripe as “Freenode” a chat community that consists of tech pros and users. Online support for developers is extremely remarkable.

Secure Platform

Security is the main priority for Stripe as it gives a real focus on the developer-centric experience. Investing for the top-class security consultants, the payment gateway is safe with encrypted card numbers with AES-256.

We’ve found Stripe to be one of the easiest to set up, integrate and maintain, due to it having a great API. It also gives a developer full control over the look and feel of the entire payment experience.

Seamless checkout experience means increased conversions! It is now available in the VYou toolkit, ready to use from day one! Request a demo

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