Developing a mobile app: must have features

Developing a mobile app that allows users to easily accomplish what they want to do will keep them coming back to the app and your business for more. Below, we share must-have features of a scalable, user-friendly and secure mobile app: 

  • Compliance with GDPR Standards

GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulations aim to protect the personal data of EU residents. So if your app is targeted for users living within EU member states, it is advisable to get the app compliant with GDPR standards. Every bit of software needs to process personal user data with utmost privacy and security so that it is compliant with regulatory requirements. It is advisable to eliminate any app feature and solution that could impede the compliance measures. 

Comply with privacy regulations and scale! Forget about the issues that may arise with GDPR, VYou takes care of all critical privacy factors. Create, store, and manage users access as well as privacy data, at scale.

  • Payment

Accepting payments is essential in trading. It is highly advantageous to increase in sales, and thus companies’ market share. This feature is applied for checking the user’s information validation, ensuring an appropriate amount of money for making a purchase. 

Seamless checkout experience means increased conversions, Stripe integration is now available in the VYou toolkit, ready to use from day one! Request a demo

  • QR Scanner Integration

QR Scanner is a highly advantageous feature. QR code is picked to be framed and scanned in order to redirect a user to a specific page and to improve conversion or speed up the process of doing check in. 

  • Chat Support

Must-have mobile app features include chat support. Nowadays users need answers immediately and apps that have chatbots or chat support are gaining momentum. 

  • Integrate Push Notifications

By integrating push notifications in your app, you have the option to directly connect with your audience. The best thing is that a push notification can be highly tailored for a user.

  • Multi Factor Authentication

    Now more than ever a balance is needed between data accessibility and data protection. Multi Factor Authentication is rapidly get adopted and offers secure way of doing a log in.
  • User Profiles

In most of the apps, users need to create account to save their personal, contact details, and financial information. Additionally, the customization feature can be implemented to provide a more personal experience for customers within the app. Moreover, users like to have control over their information, therefore providing a customer self-care portal is highly critical. 

VYou offers a self-care platform where users can define their preferences and they get stored in a unified customer profile which can then be used to create consistent experiences on every channel they’re on.

  • User Management

User management is about adding, suspending, and removing users and app admins to make sure your application is safe. This feature also helps app owners to manage user access levels and permissions according to their status, functions, or subscription plan.

VYou makes it easy, just try it

  • SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer certificate and allows for establishing an authenticated and encrypted connection between apps, websites, and computers to ensure the utmost privacy. 

VYou has it under control! 

  • Search Feature

It is important to incorporate the advanced search feature for mobile app users that helps them find and scour for the content they need. This adds a huge impact, especially if the app has a vast database of content.

Instead of developing such functionalities from scratch reinventing the wheel, iuse existing ones, such as VYou –  a user management and access management solution. Turn weeks of development into a single day of integration! Minimize costs and speed up software development!

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