VYou Live Demo at BCombinator

Last Thursday, July 7th we held at BCombinator coworking in Barcelona a live demo of VYou, our user management and access management solution made by developers for developers.

Diverse profiles attended the event, including startup founders, CTOS and developers, all interested in VYou as a tool to minimize development costs and launch scalable applications faster, balancing user experience and data protection. 

The live demo was a great success. Participants had the opportunity to witness from our Product Owner and CTO how quick and easy it is to create an application from scratch with a login, registration and account activation system using VYou. What can take weeks of development took only 20 minutes to integrate and test.

These were some of the questions asked by the participants after the presentation:

  • What can I get with the standard version of the license?

The standard version of VYou is priced at €199 per month and includes: unlimited users, compliance management, security management of passwords and access requests, account management, social login, role API access management, cross-platform, SDK for iOS and for Android and integration with Sendgrid.

  • Will the price of the licenses always be the same?

The price of the standard license will always be 199 euros per month. In the near future we will add new functionalities that will have an added cost, but the initial price for the standard functionalities of the user management and access management system will not change.

  • What SDK does VYou have?

VYou has SDK for Javascript, React, Android and iOs.

  • If I stop using VYou, will I lose my user data?

No, you will always have access to your users’ data through the backoffice. 

  • Do I need a license for each application I have?

No, with a VYou license you can manage multiple applications. Each application that we have within the same instance can have a fully customized user profile and a system of independent roles.

  • Will more elements be incorporated in the near future?

We have been tailoring our product according to the needs of our customers. At the moment we plan to incorporate a number of new elements such as payment methods, inapp billing, push notifications and Mailchimp integration but first we would like to get more feedback from our customers.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch our presentation and demo at the following link.

Want to learn more about VYou? Request a free demo here. For more details about integrations and code implementation, you can consult our documentation.

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