VYou essence: clarifying common doubts

A lot of people ask us how VYou is placing itself against Okta, Auth0, Ping, Forgerock, etc. 

Therefore we decided to write an article clarifying this common doubt and explaining what VYou is and why it doesn’t compete with these companies. 

What is VYou? 

VYou is a user management and access management solution.

VYou IS a product that:

  • is installed in your cloud
  • a service aggregator that minimizes integration time
  • a product made by developers for developers
  • a solution that accelerates the MVP’s TTM but does not compromise your future
  • a solution that has a volume-independent pricing model 


  • DaaS or IAM product in the cloud
  • an Identity Manager or an SSO
  • a product with complex SDKs
  • a product that creates a lifelong dependency
  • a product that is priced per user

VYou is built with: 

An instance of VYou allows:

  1. Multiple standalone apps
  2. A personalized user profile for each application
  3. Easy integration

VYou 1.0 

  1. Multi platform
  2. CLI compatible with the 3 main systems
  3. Documentation and guides
  4. Server2server API. 3rd party backend securitization
  5. Client SDKs for Javascript, React, Android and iOS
  6. Unlimited applications for each instance of VYou
  7. Dynamic profiling system for each application
  8. Independent role system for each application
  9. Client SDKs with customizable layout
  10. Dynamic email templates
  11. Registration and access with login and password (OAuth2.0)
  12. Social login with Google, Facebook and Apple
  13. Audited database
  14. Management of personal and forgotten information
  15. Integration with Sendgrid and use of templates
  16. Fully customizable activation and reset password email
  17. Integration with Stripe (One time payment and Subscriptions)
  18. Integration of transactions in backoffice

And if we compare the costs of VYou vs Custom software development, then we will clearly see the financial benefit as well: 

To develop VYou functionalities you would need to have Backend developer + Frontend developer + Android developer + iOS developer working on the project for 2 months, so the cost would be around 20.000 euros. 

If you go for a VYou license, which is 199 euros/month you will see that by the end of the year you will only pay 2388 euros. The difference is noticeable not even taking into account other benefits like know-how and proven working software. No need to reinvent the wheel. 

Also, VYou doesn’t charge per user, which allows startups to scale and have the same costs regardless of how many millions of users they are gaining. 

If it seems appealing to you, we encourage you to check VYou use cases and request a FREE trial

Also, it would be very helpful for you to check VYou documentation as well as VYou demo video ( currently available only in Spanish) from our recent event. 

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