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The integration software market nowadays is fully competitive. Companies are faced with the problems arising from the difficulty of unifying and jointly managing all technological systems and data. It could be very difficult to have a global and unitary vision of business activity that reports on its performance or processes. Connectivity and interaction problems are common to all companies.

VYou Integration: a cornerstone

The economic crisis and budget cuts have caused companies to demand integration solutions that fit their current budget situation, which has led to a significant increase in the supply of software integration solutions under a pay-per-use model, which is much more flexible. Here is where we findVYou.

Given the economic situation, SaaS has lowered the intrinsic total cost of ownership for adopting software, solved scaling challenges and taken away the burden of issues with local hardware. Thanks to this mindset shift, APIs are on track to create another SaaS-sized impact across all industries and at a much faster pace.

By exposing often complex services as simplified code, API-first products are far more extensible, easier for customers to integrate into, and have the ability to foster a greater community around potential use cases.

VYou: a Software Service Aggregator

SaaS management can cause as many headaches as SaaS apps prevent, but poor integrations between tools can create bottlenecks and failures, this is where service aggregators can help.

Software Service Aggregators as VYou provide homogeneous services on their SDK. They aggregate the service providers like Sendgrid or Stripe on their components and allow the customer/user to avail such services from their application.

What are developers driving the demand for aggregators?

In today’s development world, a software aggregator has a lot of importance and ever increasing demand due to:

  • Increasing demand for more integrations from business decision makers.
  • Providing good and professionally managed API integrations.
  • Reaching a much wider audience with ready made products or MVPs.
  • Offering users a huge amount of features that helps differentiate your product.

Learn more about VYou asking for a FREE demo here. For more details about integrations & code implementation, documentation.

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