SAAS vs on premise: why companies prefer license based access management solution

Companies have different requirements for everything from security to scalability. In some circumstances, it can be extremely expensive and risky to move from a well-functioning on-premises system to the cloud. And despite all the trends about putting your data online, many companies still prefer hosting everything on internal servers, assuming significant investment in IT equipment, infrastructure, licenses, personnel, etc. But why? We will answer this question in this article.

When we launched VYou we were offering it on Cloud, but after a while we noticed that most of VYou clients prefer to have it on-premises, mostly because of the security protocols. We found out that access management is considered to be of a high priority and has to be secure. And companies consider max level of security if they take charge of the infrastructure part and have full ownership of the solution.  

On-premises software is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person/organization, rather than at a remote facility such as a server farm or cloud.It requires that a company purchases a license of the software to use it.

Because the software itself is licensed and the entire instance of software resides within an organization premises, there is generally greater protection than with a cloud computing infrastructure.

On-premises systems can present advantages in performance, such as low latency and development environments with few or no external dependencies. The feedback loop between on-premises infrastructure changes and individual employees is incredibly short.

Probably the biggest advantage of on-premise software is data protection: because the data is stored locally on your premises, you have full control over it and its security. Sensitive data does not have to leave your own company. That can be a decisive advantage, especially when it comes to compliance issues.

In an on-premises environment, companies retain all their data. Companies that have extra sensitive information, such as government and banking industries must have a certain level of security and privacy that an on-premises environment provides. Moreover, access to data is always ensured – even without an internet connection.

Also, on-premises software can be customized much more than the cloud-based system. Companies decide on the configuration, the upgrades and system changes. With on-premises infrastructure, security is under the IT team’s complete control. They decide how, when and why someone can access the hardware or network. This is necessary for some organizations to meet privacy and regulatory requirements.

VYou now offers user management and access management solution licenses. Request your FREE month here or simply contact us and our team will give you all the necessary information on how to proceed with the integration. Btw, don’t forget to check our documentation and Liam guide

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