VYou becomes a proud partner of Global Software Architecture Summit!

VYou becomes a proud partner of Global Software Architecture Summit

Save the date! October 3-4, 2022! CCIB, Barcelona!

Leading software architects from all over the world are coming to Barcelona to give practical talks and hands-on workshops related to software architecture metrics!

VYou is a user and access management solution made by developers for developers. Therefore to support GSAS, VYou successfully personalized and integrated user and access management software with GSAS look and feel.

GSAS wanted to give an opportunity to speakers, attendees, and sponsors to connect with the community by developing a mobile app that makes it possible by scanning badges and connecting on social networks, participating in raffles, and contributing to the discussions. Instead of building a login system from scratch, GSAS decided to integrate the VYou app. You can read about this case study.

This year GSAS is organized in Barcelona International Convention Centre – leading European location for event organisation.

Moreover, this edition is focused on software architecture metrics as they are key to the maintainability and architectural quality of a software project. This Autumn Christian Ciceri, Dave Farley, Neal Ford, Andrew Harmel-Law, Michael Keeling, Carola Lilienthal, João Rosa, Alexander von Zitzewitz, Rene Weiss, and Eoin Woods have published Software Architecture Book with O’Reilly and most of them are coming to the summit talking about their chapters. 

VYou software architect – Christian Ciceri is one of the speakers at the conference, where he will talk about his book chapter: “Private Builds and Metrics: Tools for Surviving DevOps Transitions”.

Scientists tend to measure things as a basis for further reasoning. Even when you can’t get precise numbers, mathematical approaches to software architecture depend on measurable quantities, like metrics and indicators. Sometimes such approaches depend on which metrics make sense and which do not in a given situation. How can you make sure that your KPIs are providing the information your organization needs to make decisions about how to invest time and effort? Getting to great metrics requires a well-assembled system and a whole lot of work. But the truth is, you might not be working with a well-assembled system, or perhaps your organization has yet to put in the effort it takes to get all the way to fantastic metrics based on DevOps best practices. DevOps is a cultural shift; it’s easy to misunderstand the concept, and companies don’t always commit to adopting best practices fully. Even when that’s the goal, learning and implementing them is a process that takes time. Reality is not always a best-case scenario, and standard metrics do not always reflect the real problem.

Christian Ciceri is a software architect and co-founder at Apiumhub, he is also head of software architecture at VYou, Apium Academy professor, and head of moderators for the Global Software Architecture Summit. He began his professional career with a specific interest in object-oriented design issues, with deep studies in code-level and architectural-level design patterns and techniques. He is a former practitioner of Agile Methodologies, particularly eXtreme Programming, with experience in practices like TDD, Continuous Integration, build pipelines, and evolutionary design. He has always aimed for widespread technological knowledge; that’s why he has been exploring a huge range of technologies and architectural styles, including Java, .NET, dynamic languages, pure scripting languages, native C++ application development, classical layering, Domain-Centric, classical SOA, and Enterprise Service Buses. In his own words: “A software architect should create a working ecosystem that allows teams to have scalable, predictable, and cheaper production.

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