VYou offers OpenID benefits

OpenID has revolutionized the authentication process and quickly made it to the top. It is mainly used in the single sign-on and identity provision on the Web. The main secret of its success is its Simple JSON-based ID tokens (JWT) delivered via the OAuth 2.0 process flow which is already designed for all the internet using devices like browsers and mobile devices.

What is OpenID ?

OpenID is an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol promoted by the non-profit OpenID Foundation. It allows users to be authenticated by cooperating sites using a third-party identity provider (IDP) service, eliminating the need for webmasters to provide their own ad hoc login systems, and allowing users to log into multiple unrelated websites without having to have a separate identity and password for each.

There are over 1 billion OpenID-enabled accounts on the Internet and several million sites have integrated OpenID consumer support, such as AOL, Flickr, Google, Amazon.com, LiveJournal, Microsoft, Novell, Orange, Telecom Italia, Universal Music Group, VeriSign, WordPress, Yahoo!, the BBC, IBM, PayPal, and Steam, although some of those organizations also have their own authentication management.

OpenID Benefits

  • The response – request format of the OpenID connect is in JSON which is human-readable as well as it works really well for the data-interchange operations.
  • It works well in both mobile apps and web apps. It synchronized itself greatly with the Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • OpenID globally ensures the security of the whole Internet by taking the responsibility for user identity verification in the hands of the most trusted and reliable service providers.
  • Easy to implement and integrate and can expect to receive much wider adoption.
  • Accelerates sign up process
  • Most websites ask for an extended, repetitive amount of information in order to use their application. OpenID accelerates that process by allowing you to sign in to websites with a single click. Basic profile information (such as your name, birth date and location) can be stored through your OpenID and used to pre-populate registration forms, so you spend more time engaging with a website and less time filling out registration pages.
  • With OpenID, you can use a single, existing account (from providers like VYou) to sign in to thousands of websites without ever needing to create another username and password.
  • OpenID is the safer and easier method to joining new sites.
  • Gain greater control over your online identity
  • OpenID is a decentralized standard, meaning it is not controlled by any one website or service provider. You control how much personal information you choose to share with websites that accept OpenIDs
  • Minimize password security risks

VYou provides OpendID

VYou offers frictionless registration and login solutions which authenticates users across all of your applications & brands with a barrier-free, customizable experience.

With VYou you have all your information in one place. In VYou platform you can edit your information and it is updated automatically everywhere or you can change it only on those websites where you want.

The good thing is that you don’t have to log in to all your accounts to change your address or your bank account, you can do it in VYou and save a lot of time.

If you would like to try VYou, request a demo here.

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