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VYou Backoffice is an important feature of the platform designed for developers to setup everything related with Tenants, Admins & Customers.

VYou as a CIAM: Backoffice Overview

VYou is a Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) that provides standard and secure functionalities to our customers. The main idea behind CIAM is that instead of managing user accounts in every instance of a software application of a company, the identity is managed in a CIAM component, making reuse of the identity possible. 

Here are the main VYou Backoffice elements:

  • Organization
  • Tenants
  • Clients

Backoffice: Organization

VYou allow you setup your company as an organization. Inside it, you can create as many tenants as ecosystems you handle. When you log into VYou for the first time, you will see the Organization main page. On it, you will see the list of tenants that belongs to the organization and also the Global Settings section.

VYou allows you to set up password policy conditions at organization level.

Backoffice: Tenants

Inside your organization, tenants can be seen as isolated services or applications that are managed under your VYou instance. We allow configurations at tenant level ( keys, timeouts, fields,… ). For VYou, the only customer’s information that different tenants share is the user / password. One user can be subscribed to one or more tenants. A customer subscribing to a tenant can be seen as a customer registering for that app or isolated service. This can be done by the user itself, registering in the app, or from the backoffice by an admin, adding the user manually.

When creating a new tenant VYou will display the auto-generated keys for this tenant. Your development team will need these credentials for the integration process.

VYou allows you to set up the fields that define the tenant’s user profile, which will be used by the developers when integrating and implementing the registration process. The same will happen with the tenant roles.

The role system in VYou is very simple and follows only 3 rules.
1. The role CUSTOMER cannot be deleted. It is the most basic role in VYOU and can be seen as EndUser. All the end users have CUSTOMER as the base role. Any other role create could be deleted. If the system detects that there are any user assigned to that role, the system will display a warning message.
2. Each user can have one or many roles
3. Roles are only defined by a name.

Backoffice: Client

Inside each of your Tenants, VYou manages Customers. These customers could be added through your application/portal (through integration) or manually in the backoffice.

Email and password are shared between tenants. All other fields are tenant specific and you can configure them through VYou Backoffice.

Learn more about VYou asking for a FREE demo here. For more details about integrations & code implementation, documentation.

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