VYou: new customer user management and access management solution

Based on Apiumhub experience, registration and checkout are the most recurrent processes in digital products. Nevertheless, they are the main bounce points in the user journey. Simplifying these steps increases conversion rate and user satisfaction. 

User Management & Startups 

Just imagine the quantity of information you need to remember and add every time you start using a new tool or when you change something and you need to update it on every platform you are registered with. For example, your email, place of current residency, phone number, payment preferences, etc. And on average people use more than 30 tools on a daily basis every time they need to log in. Also people constantly buy something online and have to introduce payment and delivery details over and over again. Just imagine if you update your information once and it is updated automatically everywhere you want.  

Login, user management, privacy management are often a must in a MVP product, yet it takes months of development from scratch. Right now, startups spend time and money developing their user system and invest 30%~50% of their MVP time to market reinventing the wheel.

This is happening right now, to 99% of the startups in the world.

New User Management & Access Management Solution 

What if you could look at the wheel you’re reinventing as an already existing solution that you can integrate in a matter of hours? VYou helps companies to make products cheaper and faster while making customers happier.  

Startups that integrate VYou:

  • Have their user system up and running in 1 day
  • Their MVP makes 2 months faster to the market 
  •  Cut development cost of an MVP by 50%
  •  Increase conversion rate by 10%

You have credit cards and a passport in the street. And you have VYou on the Internet.

VYou is the virtual identity provider. Fill in your information once. Use it everywhere.

VYou provides a personal virtual user account transversal to any application. 

Signup and login with VYou. Manage your internet privacy with VYou.

The end users are also always in control of their information. 

VYou & Apiumhub 

VYou was developed by Apiumhub team. A product by developers for developers.  Apiumhub has the end user in it’s DNA having solid experience in the market and having done hundreds of user management projects. 

The main idea behind VYou is to simplify the automation of user management and access management system as well as software development life cycle, putting extra emphasis on privacy, easy integration and maintainability. With VYou you can quickly build secure access & scalable user management into your web and mobile applications. 

If you are interested in trying VYou, request a FREE Trial

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