VYou guarantee: Zero Coupling benefits

In today’s article we would like to talk about loose coupling and zero coupling that we are trying to maintain in VYou.

Implementing a loosely coupled system helps to reduce the risk of having many multiple dependable components. As components, or elements do not depend on each other, a domino effect won’t occur if one of them experiences issues. And when one component is changed or experiences issues, then the other components will continue to work at full capacity, preventing the system from becoming useless.

What is Loose coupling?

Loose coupling is an approach to interconnecting the components in a system so that those components depend on each other to the least practicable extent. And coupling refers to the degree of direct knowledge that one element has of another.

Loose coupling benefits

Loose coupling is important for many reasons:

  • Flexibility

Loose couplings promote flexibility in a system by allowing a wide range of responses to unanticipated events.

  • Adaptability

Loose coupling allows your system to be more adaptable. The identity, uniqueness, and separateness of components that are loosely coupled allow for new solutions to be discovered. The more adaptable your system is, the more capable it will be of adjusting to environmental changes.

  • Innovation

Loose couplings are more effective for knowledge sharing because they promote the creation of new ideas. Loose couplings allow for faster searches and transfers of relevant information as well, resulting in faster new product innovation.

  • Independence

Issues that occur in one component won’t spread across multiple subcomponents The entire system will be operational even though one component will experience issues.

  • Isolation

Loose coupling enables isolation. Components can be deployed independently of one another, giving you much more freedom over when and what you deploy. Cross-functional delivery teams are able get their work done without having to manage any dependencies on other teams.

  • Better testability

As your code doesn’t depend on other objects, this makes your unit tests easier to write.

VYou guarantee: Zero Coupling benefits

  • You can deploy VYou independently regardless of any other service.
  • You can make large scale changes without referencing any other service
  • If you stop VYou it will not prevent any other services from running
  • VYou tends to be associated with better productivity in terms of the frequency and stability of deployments
  • Since there are not a thousand different versions of a thousand different interfaces for each resource, the amount of data that needs to be secured and updated is reduced dramatically and leads to a much more secure ecosystem.

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